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Who we are

Soda-Consulting is a teleservices consulting firm. We assist our clients to help increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of their overall tele-support strategies and sales performance. Our expertise and capabilities include inside sales process design and implementation and outsourcing vendor selection and management. Our goal is to work with organizations to help them better understand how to turn the power of a phone call into a strategic asset. When applied correctly, an effective “tele-strategy” can help you better leverage all of your marketing efforts and enable your sales organization to achieve and surpass their goals. The combination of all these tools will provide you with a go-to-market strategy that will help generate revenue and give you a strong ROI.

Our experience and services

  • After spending over 30 years in the inside sales and contact center industry, sharing both corporate and outsourcing responsibilities, I decided to draw from this experience and move into the consulting side of the business to help companies better understand how to either build and manage an inside tele-support function, or for those who look for vendor support, how to find the right outsourcing partner to handle lead generation and telesales solutions.
  • Whether you perform your own inside sales or you outsource the need to a service provider, SODA-Consulting can work with you to develop the right inside sales strategy to incorporate either tele-support methodology. While no two clients are the same, our partnership approach will provide you with a blueprint to meet your strategic goals. We will work with you to not only understand your company and your needs but also to help you develop a clear and effective inside sales strategy, a strategy that is aligned with your overall corporate vision. 

Our telecoverage business offerings include:

 • Internal assessment

 • Inside sales implementation

 • Vendor selection and support

 • Customized consulting services

Our process

Since I believe that every business situation is unique, we employ a partnership approach to each of our client engagements. Through a series of interviews with appropriate stakeholders, I will work with you to understand your company, your people, products and services, how you market and sell these services, your lead management process, challenges you face, current performance against goals, your clients, reports and your QA process and procedures.  Whether you employ an in-house or outsourced model, my approach covers 4 steps, all designed to provide an understanding of the key elements of your organization:

 • Initial discovery and collection of information 

 • Assessment and analysis of current operations

 • Recommendations

 • Implementation roadmap

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